SAPD Appreciation for assistance (2004)

MURDER: NAVALSIG CAS 110/11/2004 ON 2004-11-18 Te Andries Pretoriusstreet 37 Navalsig.

1. On 2004-11-18 a murder was committed by the gardener of mr Smith.
2. The suspect was known by the police but we could not arrest him.
3.  The help of mr Krugel was called in.
4.  His movement was maintained by mr Krugel and feedback was given to the S A Police at Navalsig. When we got there he was already gone.
5. We also called in assistance of an informer, but could not arrest Elias Mohapi.
6. He was travelling for the time being between Estoire and Botshabelo.
7. At last he was arrested after mr Krugel gave us a nearby region of Elias Mohapi.
8. Mr Krugel helped us a lot and without his assistance this arrest would not be possible.

Station Comissioner: Navalsig

MM Swanepoel (Superintendent)