Missing Person: Rayno Gouws (2006)

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1.         Our telephonic discussion of Tuesday 31 October 2006 refers.

2.         Rayno Gouws’ father, Mr Willem Gouws, met with me in my office at the end of March 2006, at which time he requested my assistance in locating his missing son.

3.         He told me that Rayno had disappeared from home on 24 February 2006.  Rayno had called his brother on 25 February 2006 from a public telephone in Knysna.

4.         On 3 April 2006 I asked Danielle Blaauw of the Volksblad to publish a photograph of Rayno Gouws in the newspaper, which was done on 6 April.

5.         I meanwhile contacted Captain Komanu of the Occult Unit at Police Headquarters, who at the time was planning a raid in the Knysna forests.

6.         Shortly after 28 March 2006 I asked Danie Krügel if he would be willing to assist in the search for the missing child at no cost.  He agreed, and his initial tests indicated that Rayno was in the vicinity of Knysna.

7.         I approached Inspector Steyn in Knysna for more information on the area.  He informed me that followers of the Pagan Wiccan religion were practising in the vicinity of the deeply secluded Phantom Forest in Knysna.

8.         I conveyed this information to both Mr Gouws and Danie Krügel.

9.         On 10 April 2006 Mr Ralph Talf of Huntshock Ranch in Grahamstown informed me that he had provided Rayno with food on his farm on 9 April and that Rayno had told him that he was on his way to Port Edward near Durban.  Rayno was hitchhiking at the time.  I conveyed this information to Mr Gouws and requested that we organise a physical search in that area, but he told me that he did not have the funds for such an operation.  Shortly thereafter, he and his wife personally travelled to the East London area to search for their son, but without success.  I also shared Mr Talf’s information with Danie, who subsequently conducted tests indicating that Rayno was in the vicinity of Port Edward or Port Shepstone near Durban.

10.       I assisted Nicky Swanepoel of the SAPS in compiling the information in an e-mail sent to the SAPS in the Durban area – south of Durban and north of Durban as far as St Lucia.

11.       I approached Mr Gouws to authorise funds for a search operation in that area, but he refused because he considered it too expensive.  A reading taken by Danie in July indicated that Rayno was in the vicinity of Knysna.

12.       In September I asked Danie to take another reading.  He told me on 23 September that he had taken a reading from Oudtshoorn that had indicated that Rayno’s signal was “static” and displaying no movement.  I personally contacted police mortuaries from Knysna to East London, but they had no information to give me.  Rayno’s father continued to refuse to authorise a search operation, as he claimed not to have the necessary funds.

13.       Rassie and Danie normally follow a certain procedure when working on a case: Firstly, photographs of the missing person are circulated in the area.  Any information received is then followed up and the authenticity thereof is validated.  Danie then proceeds to take readings in the area.

Rassie Erasmus





1.         Telefoniese gesprek op Dinsdag, 2D06/10/31, verwys.

2.       Mnr Willem Gouws, vader van Rayno Gouws, het my aan die einde van Maart 2006 op kantoor gespreek. Hy het my versoek om hom behulpsaam to wees met die opspoor van sy kind.

3.         Volgens hom het sy kind op 24 Februarie 2006 vanaf sy huffs verdwyn. Die kind het sy ander seun op 25 Februarie 2006 vanaf `n publieke telefoon op Knysna gebel.

4.         Ek het op 2006/04/03 vir Danielle Blaauw van die Volksblad versoek om `n foto van Rayno Gouws in die koerant to plaas. Foto is geplaas op 06 April.

5.         Ek het intussen geskakel met Kap Komanu van die Okkulte Eenheid, Polisie Hoofkantoor, wie op daardie stadium besig was om a "raid" to beplan vir die Knysna bosse.

6. Ek het Danie Krugel kort na 28 Maart 2006 gevra of by bereid sou wees om behulpsaam to wees met die opspoor van die kind teen Been koste. Hy het ingewillig en die eerste toetse wat by gedoen het, het aangedui dat Rayno in die omgewing van Knysna was.

7.           Ek het navraag gedoen by insp Steyn, Knysna, oor die area. Hy het meegedeel dat "Pegan Wicca" ondersteuners in die omgewing van "Phantom Forest" diep in Knysna bosse hulle bevind.

8. Ek het hierdie inligting aan Mnr Gouws en Danie Krugel gegee.

9. Op 10 April 2006 net ek inligting ontvang van Mnr Ralph Talf van Huntshock Ranch, Grahamnstad, dat by vir Rayno op 09 April kos op sy plaas gegee het en dat by horn meegedeel het dat by op pad was na Port Edward, Durban. Kind het geryloop. Ek het hierdie inligting vir Pa gegee en horn versoek dat ons fisies in daardie area moes gaan soek. Hy het egter gese by het nie geld vir so 'n operasie nie. Hy en sy vrou het kort hierna in die area van Oos-Londen self na die kind gaan soek sonder enige sukses. Ek het Danie ook van die inligting van Mnr Talf voorsien. Hy het getoets en volgens toetse was Rayno in die omgewing Port Edward, Port Shepstone, Durban.

10.        Ek was Nicky Swanepoel van SAPD behulpsaam met die inligting van `n e-pos wat by na SAPD in Durban omgewing - suid van Durban en noord van Durban tot by St Lucia - gestuur het.

11.        Ek het vader versoek om magtiging to gee vir kostes om `n operasie to gaan uitvoer.
Hy het geweier omdat dit to duur was. Lesing deur Danie is in Julie geneem en dit het gewys Knysna

12. In September het ek Danie versoek om weer'n lesing to neem. Hy het my op 23 September ingelig dat by vanaf Oudtshoorn `n lesing geneemhnet en dat die seen "Staties" is en nie beweging aandui nie. Ek het die pa op 26 September ingelig dat die seen sfaties is. Ek self het vanaf Knysna tot by Oos-Londen navrae by Poiisie Lykshuise gedoen, maar gees inligting ontvang nie. Pa wou steeds nie inwillig vir operasie nie - by het gese by het nie geld nie.

13. Normale werkswyse tussen Rassie en Danie : Eers foto's van verdagtes in gebied laat sirkuleer, ontvang van inligting, opvolg van inligting, bevestig dat inligting korrek is, dan neem Danie lesings in gebied.

Rassie Erasmus