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"If somebody has not met Satan in person, Satan is most probably not a reality in his or her life. The same can be said about Jesus Christ - if you have not met Him personally, you most probably cannot perceive Him as a reality in your life as well."

These words were spoken by a well-known international Christian psychiatrist, Scott Peck, shortly after he had a personal encounter with Satan for over a two-year period and how he finally managed to free a man from the evil power of Satan in his life through the power of the Holy Spirit.

The same can be said by those who have crossed paths with the author of this book. An encounter with Satan makes him a reality but at the same time, God will use such an incident and subsequent counselling sessions by creating several opportunities to meet and experience the living Jesus Christ.

To be on this long but satisfying journey spanning 20 years of dialogue, deliverance, “on the job training”, praying together, emotional healing and to experience a new life in Christ for so many people in the companionship of Danie was an absolute honour.

In most of these cases, Danie was the voice of the Holy Spirit through Christ. I was the eager learner and Shepherd:

At times, the things I experienced first-hand were so disturbing I almost felt it was turning my theology upside down. This happened the first time when I accompanied Danie during a session with a young woman and her voice suddenly changed into that of an unknown male person.

Most of the time I was so excited, just like a primary school boy scoring his first try during a rugby match as I witnessed how our Saviour Jesus Christ used his anointed servant to be His voice to deliver God’s children from the clutches of Satan, with methods described in the book of Acts.

What a privilege this has been! What a gift from God! Thank you Danie!

Dr. Gerrie Labuscagne

The book is availabe for purchase at